World Poetry Day, 21st March 2019

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In honour of World Poetry Day, Sapana, a former domestic worker who we have helped, wrote this poem titled ‘My Journey of Change. In it she describes how she was helped to leave her life as a child labourer and pursue her dream of an education which has given her independence.

Find out how we help others like Sapana here.

By Sapana, 18 year old girl and former domestic worker

My Journey of Change
I left home in the hope of gaining an education
but this soon died as I was forced to work to survive
Lured by a broker with promises of school, food and clothes
I was left to wash the leftovers and clothes of others.
I finally left that horrible place in search of better work
and started work in a restaurant.
It was then when a social worker found me that my learning started
From informal learning and back to school I completed secondary education
Confused for my future, I had the chance to learn as a seamstress
and they helped me set up independently.
I still cry remembering those days of my past
but feel happy when I see where I am today
Thank you for your support
For making a life for me and others like me.