Working to prevent the neglect, abuse and exploitation of disadvantaged children living urban poverty in Nepal.

Instead of going to school, Anita spent her days cleaning, washing and cooking, employed by a man who sexually abused her. Anita revealed her story to one of our social workers who visited the house, was reunited with her family and is now safe.
Sita's Story
Sita's father was an addict and unable to cope, her mother moved in with Sita's grandmother. With help from our counsellors, the father stopped taking drugs and the family were reunited. Sita now lives in a secure and happy family environment.
Raju's Story
Raju has been working since he was 7, leaving little or no time for school. With support and financial assistance, he was able to prioritise his education and is now studying for his school leaving certificate. He aims to go to university.
Ram's Story
16 year old Ram was left homeless and unemployed when the restaurant he worked and lived in closed. A colleague let him stay with him for a few days but was unable to support him financially. Our project has supported Tam to find part-time employment so that he can continue to live with his colleague and he has been motivated to continue his studies in higher secondary education.

What We Do

Our mission is to increase aspiration, resilience and opportunities for children living in urban poverty in Nepal.

Our vision is for all children growing up in urban Nepal to be assured of a safe bright future.