Swap for a Street Child, 8th April 2019

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This Friday 12th April is the International Day for Street Children and all this week we’re asking you to Make a Swap for a Street Child!

Every day we spend our money on little luxuries. Whether it’s buying a coffee, lunch or a drink, we buy these extras so regularly we often forget about them.

But for street children and others around the world living in extreme poverty, they can’t afford even the most basic necessities of life.

That’s why this week we’re Making a Swap for a Street Child.

From Monday 8th April through to Friday 12th we’re asking supporters old and new to forgo a small luxury and donate the money they would have spent to a street child in Nepal instead. Whether it’s missing just one afternoon coffee, bringing your lunch in to work or having one less drink at the pub, there’s many swaps you can choose from and we want you to be as creative as possible!

And you can make your swap go even further. This year we’ve linked our campaign to GlobalGiving’s Little by Little week which means your donation could be worth up to 60% more! Donations can be made in GBP as well as in USD through the website.

Your swap step-by-step

  1. Choose your swap for the week. What will it be? Remember, you can always do a number of swaps! Keep an eye on our social media for help with ideas.
  2. Calculate the money you saved and donate it to our Global Giving page here.
  3. Spread the word! We want to see your swaps and will be reposting on our official Twitter and Facebook pages. Use the hashtag #swapforastreetchild and inspire others with your creative swaps!

GlobalGiving: Little by Little
GlobalGiving’s Little by Little campaign adds 60% to the value of individual donations made between 2pm on Monday 8th April and midnight Friday 12th April. So if you donate £10, GlobalGiving will turn it into £16! GlobalGiving have a pot of $50,000 to match donations and will stop matching when this runs out, so get your swaps in early. Read the full terms and conditions here.

Your swaps will have a direct impact on the lives of street children in Nepal and as ever, we are truly grateful for your support. We’re looking forward to seeing what you Swap for a Street Child this week!