Working to prevent the neglect, abuse and exploitation of disadvantaged children living urban poverty in Nepal.

Pathways to Prosperity: Micro-Business Grants for Young People in Nepal

Empowering Young People: Brecon Rotary Club's Impact on Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

We are pleased to express our gratitude to the Brecon Rotary Club for their support in empowering young women in Nepal. As part of their Maternal & Child Health Month, they donated £500 to our micro-business grant scheme. This contribution will make a difference in the lives of vulnerable women and help break the cycle of urban poverty

At Kidasha, we firmly believe in the power of financial stability to transform lives. The micro-business grant scheme is one of our key initiatives aimed at providing opportunities for young people to become economically independent and create a brighter future for themselves and their families. By offering financial support and guidance, we empower them to start their own businesses and break free from the grip of poverty.

young girls hands clasped, thank you in white with Rotary logo in gold

Brecon Rotary Club's Impact

The Brecon Rotary Clubs kind donation of £500 will go towards supporting our micro-business grant scheme. This funding will provide aspiring young entrepreneurs with the necessary resources and tools to kick-start their businesses. It will enable them to access training, purchase essential equipment, and cover initial startup costs. With this support, women like Sumila will gain the means to generate sustainable income, fostering economic stability and empowering them to provide for their families.

Breaking the Cycle of Urban Poverty

Sumila has now paid off her family debt and has financial stability raising pigs thanks to Kidasha's support

Urban poverty poses numerous challenges for vulnerable women in Nepal. Limited access to education, lack of employment opportunities, and societal barriers hinder their progress. Through initiatives like the micro-business grant scheme, we aim to break this cycle of poverty by empowering women to become agents of change in their communities. By fostering their entrepreneurial spirit and providing support, we create a ripple effect that positively impacts their lives as well as the lives of their children and future generations.

Let's do it together

Together with support from the Brecon Rotary Club, we are taking significant strides in empowering families and creating sustainable change in Nepal. Investing in entrepreneurial journeys opens doors to a brighter future and enables families to build prosperous lives. But we need more help. 

If you can, please support our Livelihoods Programme by donating here or contacting to discuss our impact and how you can help. 

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