Meet our Trustee: Andrew McKee

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We are thrilled to welcome Andrew McKee, our newest Trustee, to the Kidasha board. Andrew has been a supporter of Kidasha for a number of years and brings with him nine years of experience in the finance industry, seven years’ experience acting as a sponsor for philanthropic partnerships across Asia, and a strong understanding of Nepal’s social and political landscape.

We would love for you to get to know Andrew better, and spoke with him to discuss how he first came to know of Kidasha, why he joined the board what he hopes to achieve in his new role as a Trustee.

How long have you been a trustee at Kidasha?

I had the pleasure of joining the Kidasha board as a Trustee in March 2020.

Why did you decide to join the board?

Having sponsored Kidasha for a number of years through my investment team’s foundation, I knew the organisation well and was keen to support it in a personal capacity. After travelling in Nepal it became clear that it is an amazing country but has suffered disproportionately from geopolitics and its geology. I was glad to discover Kidasha as a well-run organisation working to improve systems and livelihoods there, and am keen to help.

What are your first impressions of Kidasha and the work it does?

Since visiting Pokhara in 2016 I have been impressed by how closely Kidasha operates with local government and how much they are able to achieve through partnership. That they are able to assist so many young people, using very limited resources, is testament to the strength of their team. It is their emphasis on education, social enterprise and long-term systemic change – as opposed to physical infrastructure – that attracted me to the organisation and excites me for its future. 

What do you hope to achieve in your role as a Trustee?

With federalism taking root in Nepal after decades of political upheaval, conflict and crises I believe there is even more need for Kidasha’s work, and even more opportunity for it to be recognised and replicated on a provincial and national basis. As Trustee, I will help where I can – from strategy to fundraising – to see Kidasha continue on its current path, and grow its partnerships to impact even more people, in Pokhara and beyond.

Have you ever been a Trustee before?  

No. However, I have seven years’ experience acting as a sponsor for numerous philanthropic partnerships in Asia spanning Education, Healthcare and Social Enterprise; this entailed everything from due diligence and financial analysis to goal-setting and performance evaluation.  

What industry do you work in and how do you envisage this helping you in your trustee role?

I have nine years’ experience working as an equity investment analyst between offices in Edinburgh, Hong Kong and Singapore. The majority of my time has been spent analysing companies, meeting management teams and generating investment ideas in Asia and Emerging Markets. For seven years I used the same skills in our team’s charitable trust to build grassroots partnerships in Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, Hong Kong and the Philippines. I look forward to putting this experience, financial and philanthropic, to good use in Kidasha.