Working to prevent the neglect, abuse and exploitation of disadvantaged children living urban poverty in Nepal.

Climb for Kidasha!

Climb the equivalent of Mt Everest from wherever you are in the world!

This year is the 70th anniversary of the first-ever ascent of Mt Everest – a symbol of Nepal recognised around the world.

To mark the occasion we’re asking friends near and far to climb 8,848 meters, the equivalent of a Mt Everest climb, to raise vital funds and awareness for children living in extreme urban poverty in Nepal.

Whether you hike, cycle or walk – every penny raised will help give the most disadvantaged Nepali children safer and brighter futures. 

Kidasha purple t-shirt in foreground, 4 pairs of hiking boots in background. Mens, womens and 2x kids

All you have to do to take part is sign up by emailing or fill in this simple form. Access our digital resources here and see the official #ClimbForKidasha JustGiving page here. Keep reading below for some of out top tips! 


The ascent of Mt Everest is an elevation gain of 8,848 meters (29,030 feet). No small feat! But there’s no need to be intimidated as there are lots of ways you can achieve your goal. 

How can I complete this virtual climb? 

Hike, run, walk, cycle, climb – any activity you can think of to reach your elevation goal! There might be a local peak, landmark, climbing centre or even an indoor staircase in your home or workplace. Your employer might ever offer some match funds to help you achieve both your elevation and fundraising goals.

Can I take part as a team? 

Yes! Forming a team is a great way to reach your goal while spending time with friends. Teams can combine members elevation gain to reach the 8,848 meter goal. 

For example: 1x up Mt Everest equals 9x up Scafell Pike, England. A 9 person team could reach their elevation goal in one day! Or perhaps form a team of 3 and spread your challenge across 3 different hikes up Scafell Pike. 

How long do I have to complete my challenge? 

The #ClimbForKidasha campaign ends 30th September 2023. Complete the challenge anytime before then whether it be via modest climbs throughout or by dedicating a day or weekend to complete it quickly. 

How can Kidasha help me with my challenge?

Resources are available here – download sponsorship forms, logos, images, press release templates, and more. Kidasha T-Shirt’s can be sent on request, simply email with your size and address. 

We also recommend that you set up a Just Giving page to take donations online and connect your individual fundraising page to the main campaign page here.

How can I measure my elevation? 

There are several apps that track elevation gain including FitBit, Garmin, Strava, and Zwift. If you’re climbing a local peak or landmark you can look up the elevation using Google Maps (terrain mode). 

Climbing stairs? Figure out your elevation gained by following these steps: 

  1. Measure STEP HEIGHT and make note (let’s say 21cm)
  2. Starting from the bottom stair, count how many steps there are to the top  or wherever you will turn around and head back down (let’s say 13)
  3. Now it’s time for the maths: 
  • 21 x 13 = 273cm (2.73 meters)
  • Goal = 8,848 meters
  • 8848 / 2.73 = 3,241 ascents of the measured staircase to reach the peak of Mount Everest! If you did this every day for a month (3,241/30) you would have to do an average of 108 ascents/day

And don’t forget to keep a tally! 

How can I promote my challenge? 

Spreading the word about your fundraising is the most successful when it comes from you directly. Be sure to share your journey using your social media, tagging @kidasha and using #ClimbForKidasha so we can share too. 

You can also email with pictures and stories about your journey so we can help spread the word. We might even be able to get you in the local press! 

What if don’t complete all 8,848 meters? 

To make this challenge as accessible as possible we have badges for various levels of achievement. When you reach a milestone email us and we’ll send you a digital badge so you can share it with your supporters.  

  • Bronze Base Camp – 2,950 meters
  • Silver Base Camp – 5,900 meters
  • Gold SUMMIT – 8,848 meters

What if it’s too easy?

If you really want to challenge yourself you can! 

  • Double SUMMIT – 17,696 meters
  • Triple SUMMIT – 26,544 meters

You might want to see how much you could climb in a month for example. Perhaps ask for sponsorship that goes up the more you climb. i.e. £10/1000 meters. 

Benefits of taking part

Discover new places

This challenge is the perfect opportunity to get outdoors, find new peaks, stairs and ascents of all types!  

Improve your fitness

For every meter gained you’ll be burning calories and toning your muscles. 

Connect with friends

By forming a team or taking part as individuals supporting each other on your journey, you can set time aside to reconnect with friends and family to reach a common goal.

That feel-good factor

We know lots of people want to help those less fortunate but they’re just not sure how.

The #ClimbForKidasha challenge is great way to show the children of Nepal they are not forgotten while raising crucial funds for Kidasha to continue providing protection, education, life skills and health and well-being programmes to those most in need. 

Thank you for raising vital funds for Kidasha so we can support more children living in urban poverty in Nepal to have safe and bright futures. 

To discuss anything further please contact