An important update

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These are challenging and uncertain times.

As countries around the world battle to contain the spread of COVID-19 and we all struggle to accept the unparalleled constraints on our daily lives, we need to remember there are many vulnerable people who will be hit much harder, both physically and financially. These include people with disabilities, people with underlying health conditions, those who are homeless and people already living in poverty. 

It is imperative that we heed the warnings and look after ourselves and our loved ones, but at the same time shouldn’t ignore those whose lives could be devastated by the disease.

The UK government has recently announced unprecedented measures to protect vulnerable groups in the UK, together with significant financial support for businesses to ensure continuity and maintain jobs. However, so far it is not clear if or how this support will extend to charities that are also doing essential work both here and overseas to help protect the most vulnerable against this dreadful disease.

For Nepal, being one of the poorest countries in the world, with very limited health facilities and so many people without without access to clean water, let alone hand sanitiser, the impact of COVID-19 could be catastrophic. Furthermore, in efforts to minimise the risk of the virus spreading, Nepal has closed its borders, preventing tourism, and thereby destroying a source of income on which its economy is so reliant.

A situation far worsened by, firstly, vast numbers of Nepali migrant workers in the Middle East and other countries being laid off, with a resultant devastating reduction in the value of remittances (currently 30% of GDP) sent home. Secondly, the country being in lockdown, depriving thousands of workers with no social protection, of an income. As a result, many more families will be forced into poverty, increasing the stress on the poorest with the inherent risk of family breakdown and children being forced into abusive and/or exploitative labour situations or to live alone on the streets. 

As the world fights to contain the spread of COVID-19, Kidasha’s work protecting some of the most vulnerable children in the world is more vital than ever and so we need your help.

Our work in Nepal is heavily dependant on the compassion and generosity of our supporters and I am extremely grateful for your support over the years. Whilst I appreciate that in the current climate your priorities are likely to be closer to home, I would be deeply grateful if nevertheless you would consider making an additional donation to Kidasha during this difficult period. Doing so will help make it possible for us to continue to support vulnerable children and families at a time when they need us most. 

To donate, please click here.

With my very best wishes to you and your families at this very difficult time. 

Stay safe! 

Janice Miller
Chief Executive