We are not afraid to fail.

We thrive on a challenge and are not afraid to risk missing our targets meaning we are able to focus on tackling the most difficult entrenched problems.

We don’t want to conquer the world.

We want to make a big difference in one country rather than a small difference in lots of different countries, hence we only work in Nepal.

We want to be redundant.

We don’t want to be around for a long time – We want to be build lasting local capacity self reliance as quickly as possible so we can move on to the next challenge!

We maintain a balanced diet and fitness routine.

We work hard to remain slim, flexible and agile so that we are cost effective and can readily adapt to changing needs.

We don’t profess to know it all.

We actively encourage and facilitate wider collaboration between different individuals and organizations to ensure the best possible outcomes and avoid unnecessary waste and duplication.

We don’t aim to simply ease symptoms.

We put an equal, if not greater, focus on building local capacity to address underlying root causes and break negative cycles thereby enabling lasting change and ensuring more positive futures.

We are not impressed by big numbers.

Our aim is to create lasting change for the most vulnerable children, not to deliver short term material benefits to as many children as possible.

We offered superb tailoring.

We excel in creating tailored innovative intentions that closely match the needs of the most vulnerable children and families those that are invariably excluded from the benefits of a ‘one size fits all approach’.