Working to prevent the neglect, abuse and exploitation of disadvantaged children living urban poverty in Nepal.

25 reasons why you should donate £25

Over the past week, we’ve been running a campaign in honour of the International Day of Charity on Sunday, sharing #25ReasonsWhy Kidasha’s work is so vital to encourage supporters to donate £25 so that we can continue to help those in need.

If you’re able to make a £25 donation or set up a direct debit for the same amount, there’s still time. Click here to donate. 

We would like to thank you all for your continued support and generous donations this past week – listed below are the 25 reasons we selected for this campaign. We believe they showcase the depth and breadth of the life-changing support we provide to Nepal’s vulnerable children and young people. 


  • Over the last ten years, we’ve provided protection services to over 10,000 children in crisis. 14-year-old Sandesh escaped gang violence and drug abuse through rehabilitation in our midway home. 
  • £25 can provide a safe place to sleep and nutritious food for five street-connected children.
  • We’ve helped reduce child labour in Pokhara, Nepal’s second largest city, by 73%.
  • We’ve raised awareness of sexual abuse among more than 10,000 street, working and at-risk children.
  • We’ve established almost 150 peer support groups for children at-risk in their communities. 

14-year-old Sandesh escaped gang violence and drug abuse through rehabilitation in our midway home.


  • We have distributed emergency food, protection and hygiene products to over 1,000 of the most vulnerable families in Nepal.
  • £25 can provide a basic relief food package for a family of four for a month.
  • Our outreach workers have been helping the poorest children and their families access healthcare, testing, and vaccination information.
  • Our staff have been facilitating outdoor classes in community bubbles so that children can continue their education.
  • We’ve provided emergency shelter to almost 50 children separated from their families.

With so many livelihoods disrupted, the support of our outreach workers has proved vital.


  • Over the last 10 years we have supported over 5,000 children to attend school
  • £25 can buy the uniform, books, stationary and materials a child needs to go to school.
  • We have delivered comprehensive life skills education to over 7,500 at-risk teenagers.
  • We have trained 100 peer educators to support learning initiatives within their communities.
  • Over the past 10 years, we have provided over 5,000 adolescents with alternative learning opportunities.

We enrolled 16-year-old Chinta on our Life Skills programme, helping steer her away from gang-related activity.

Personal Development

  • All our centres encourage children to participate in creative activities, including art and dance, for their holistic development.
  • Every year, we arrange celebrations for children who don’t have a family to nurture their social and cultural identity.
  • Every year we provide opportunities to over 600 children to participate in sports.
  • We have created 15 girls’ cricket teams so that they have the opportunity to play sports and enjoy the freedom it provides.
  • £25 can support cricket coaching in one school for a month.

15-year-old Kalika’s involvement in one of our cricket teams has increased her confidence and given her time away from her housing conditions in a Pokhara slum. 


  • We’ve established over 50 Parent Support Groups to improve parenting knowledge and skills.
  • £25 would enable 10 mothers to take part in training on household budgeting.
  • Every year we facilitate visits for hundreds of parents to local government agencies to increase their confidence and ability to access these services themselves.
  • Over the past ten years we have supported almost 2,500 street and working children to return to their families or find new homes.
  • We have helped to improve the situations of almost 1,500 families living in chronic poverty.

We reunited 11-year-old Arun with his family after he was displaced and made homeless for 2 years.