Kidasha Nepal is a children’s charity that improves the lives of children living in extreme poverty in one of the poorest countries in the world


Sandesh is one of thousands of street children, and like 4 out of 5 street children he abused solvents as a way to cope with the hunger, pain, cold, and physical and sexual abuse suffered living on the streets. He is now turning his life around. Find out more...


With 1 in 4 people living below the poverty line, it is unsurprising that 1.6 million children have to work. Many of these children, like Anuj and Sarita, are trafficked from villages and tricked into working. See how we got them both back home...


Sexual abuse is extremely common in Nepal, it is estimated that at least 1 in 4 girls have been victims of sexual abuse. Sadly, abuse of this nature is often perpetrated, or ignored, by parents and caregivers, as in the case of Ishama. Read her story here...


Nepal has over 500,000 children living in extreme poverty in urban areas, where they are particularly vulnerable to violence, abuse and exploitation. For example, children like Chinta, who was being exploited by local youths and about to drop out of school. See how we changed that.


5 days ago
Our teams continue to support children in their return to school as Nepal emerges from the peak of the pandemic. For example, we provide remedial classes for students that have been unable to learn online, and run support groups to encourage families to return to education. https://t.co/wGmDx1b0jN KidashaNepal photo
1 week ago
Our child club meetings bring children and volunteers together to discuss how to prevent child exploitation in Nepal.

We discuss how local communities can protect vulnerable children, and we work closely with local authorities to make these changes at a municipal level. https://t.co/AR3xAHum2Z
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2 weeks ago
Watch the video below on our YouTube channel to see some young women who have recently completed our Learning For Life course, and to hear about the positive impact it’s had on their lives and hopes for the future.

https://t.co/70tEAY9z9a https://t.co/85WiePu7Wp
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2 weeks ago
Over the weekend, our CEO, Janice Miller, attended Brecon’s Civic Sunday service as Mayor David Meredith’s guest.

The Mayor recently declared Kidasha as his chosen charity for this municipal year, following a previous trip to Nepal to see our teams and initiatives in action. https://t.co/HJjqxz5IJC
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2 weeks ago
We hope the @Lionesses‘ victory will inspire young girls across the world to join their local sports teams. Through our ‘Breaking Boundaries’ initiative, we’ve witnessed the power of sport in developing young girls’ physical & mental wellbeing. Let’s make sport accessible to all. https://t.co/1K66J7ekyV KidashaNepal photo
3 weeks ago
Our Life Skills classes are currently being taught across 30 secondary schools in Nepal!

Whilst we primarily focus on educating students in year 8, the demand for our programme has been incredible and we hope to expand to more schools and year groups this year. https://t.co/G9Ij4F0tSh
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