Kidasha Nepal is a children’s charity that improves the lives of children living in extreme poverty in one of the poorest countries in the world


Sandesh is one of thousands of street children, and like 4 out of 5 street children he abused solvents as a way to cope with the hunger, pain, cold, and physical and sexual abuse suffered living on the streets. He is now turning his life around. Find out more...


With 1 in 4 people living below the poverty line, it is unsurprising that 1.6 million children have to work. Many of these children, like Anuj and Sarita, are trafficked from villages and tricked into working. See how we got them both back home...


Sexual abuse is extremely common in Nepal, it is estimated that at least 1 in 4 girls have been victims of sexual abuse. Sadly, abuse of this nature is often perpetrated, or ignored, by parents and caregivers, as in the case of Ishama. Read her story here...


Nepal has over 500,000 children living in extreme poverty in urban areas, where they are particularly vulnerable to violence, abuse and exploitation. For example, children like Chinta, who was being exploited by local youths and about to drop out of school. See how we changed that.


3 days ago
🇳🇵An update on Myke’s ‘Trek to Rome Without Ever Leaving Home’🇳🇵
Myke is close to reaching his 5th milestone: Genoa, Italy! So far, Myke has travelled nearly 1,100km, walking over 1.8 million steps in support of Kidasha!
See Myke’s progress here:
6 days ago
Happy #GivingTuesday, everyone! To commemorate today, we’re asking you to consider donating to Kidasha to help us give Nepal’s vulnerable children a chance. https://t.co/MW7sZP29a8 KidashaNepal photo
1 week ago
“Get 15% off and give 15% together”. Bibico’s ‘Fair Friday’ sale ends at midnight tonight. Use the code: GETANDGIVE, to apply a 15% discount to your online order at Bibico and to secure a donation of 15% to Kidasha!
https://t.co/joypy8gEbo https://t.co/zoJQyLl392
KidashaNepal photo
1 week ago
This weekend is a great chance to buy your loved ones something special, whilst supporting two causes dedicated to helping Nepal’s most vulnerable women and children.
Use code: GETANDGIVE on Bibico’s site:
Here’s a message from Bibico’s founder, Snow: https://t.co/F8padyfKV1
KidashaNepal photo
1 week ago
To mark Black Friday, we’ve partnered with ethical clothing brand, @bibico_tweets, to help at-risk women and children in Nepal. Until midnight on Monday, the company will be supporting our vital initiatives through their ‘Black Friday For Good Sale’. https://t.co/N7YLKd8xvr KidashaNepal photo
2 weeks ago
Today marks #WorldChildrensDay🚸As the past 20 months have shown us, we all have a role to play in safeguarding the wellbeing of vulnerable families and communities. With your continued support, we can ensure that every child in Nepal has a safe and a secure future. https://t.co/HlOOa6KU9o KidashaNepal photo

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